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Svoimi putiami

* Main Title:
Svoimi putiami
* Sub-Title:
Literaturno-khudozhestvennyi i obshchestvenno-politicheskii illiustrirovannyi zhurnal

* Type of the Document:

* Name of the Publisher:
Russkii demokratichesko studencheskii soiuz v Chekhoslovakii
* Date of Publication:
10.1924 - 6.1926
* Place of Publication:

* Language:

* Notes:
Included: 1924 vol 1 No. 1/2 ; 1925 vol 2 No. 3/4-6/7 ; 1926 vol 3 No. 8/9-12/13 Parallel titles: No. 5: Náš směr; form No. 6/7: Svými cestami Editors: A. K. Rudin, A. I. Fedorov, S. Ia. Efron; otvetstvennyi red. Iu. Pak Editors change: from No. 3/4: N. A. Antipov, A. A. Voevodin, A. K. Rudin, S. Ia. Efron; No. 8/9: N. A. Antipov, A. A. Voevodin, S. Ia. Efron; No. 10/11: N. A. Antipov, A. A. Voevodin, P. M. Vzhesinskii, S. Ia. Efron; Editors change: No. 12/13: N. A. Antipov, D. I. Meisner, E. L. Nedzel'skii, B. K. Semenov, S. Ia. Efron In No. 3/4 missing title page and page 2 In No. 6/7 missing cover In No. 8/9 missing cover, title page and page 2 In No. 11 damaged pages 51-54

* Storage Place:
National Library of the Czech republic - Slavonic Library
* Shelf-Number:
Rc 14503

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Periodical Volume Date: 1924 Periodical Volume Number: 1(1/45)
Periodical Volume Date: 1925 Periodical Volume Number: 2(1/148)
Periodical Volume Date: 1926 Periodical Volume Number: 3(1/204)